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Published: July 2nd 2013



Outside the In Between  by  D. A. A. Price

Outside the In Between by D. A. A. Price
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The In Between is as vast as it is timeless. So it’s hardly Matthew’s fault when en route to his first human birth, he gets hopelessly lost on the way to planet Earth. In doing so he happens upon the chamber of the Untouchable One, the only daughter of the Almighty, creator of the Universe. Being her father’s sole possession, she’s kept under lock and key. As he’s pulled down to the planet Matthew is compelled to make a vow- that he will someday return to free her.

Thus begins several lifetimes influenced by one great purpose. In the pursuit of true love he must prove his worth or die trying.Matthew learns that a vengeful soul, named Kran, seeks the Eveningstar Gem- a magical stone with the power to open a portal between Earth and the In Between.

Combined with stolen magic obtained as Earth’s disgruntled caretaker, Kran would have the ability to transform the gemstone into a powerful weapon.Given the ability to leap back and forth between past lives, Matthew in his current form tries to reclaim the Eveningstar Gem. But with each jump he’s presented with a new, often time’s deadly adventure. Then again, each adventure also provides new allies along with insights on how to unlock the Eveningstar Gem’s protective charms. With lessons learned from his past, Matthew just may be able to save the future.

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